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China Shopping Recommendations

Lots of spots in China, is really a paradise for purchasers. What will make shopping in Guizhou special, would be the products and solutions accessible for obtain. These things are only available while in the neighborhood and nowhere else in the world. Guizhou is property to a large population of ethnic minority groups, and their cultures and customs have remained rather unchanged for centuries. Their arts and handicrafts are exquisite and surprisingly reasonably priced. Aside from minority handicrafts, the province also offers one of a kind items such as Chinese well known Maotai liquor and superb teas.

What to acquire

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Maotai Alcohol

Probably the most well known alcoholic beverages in China, Maotai's special flavor is appreciated by everybody from businessmen, to leaders of state. A check out to Guizhou without the need of sampling Maotai is actually not complete.


The teas within the region are extremely exclusive. Guizhou makes many of the very best environmentally friendly teas in China. Until eventually a short while ago, some teas were not acknowledged outdoors the province as the finest teas were being drunk through the locals. Word is spreading about the quality of Guizhou's teas and they are getting wanted by tea connoisseurs all over the place and around the earth.


The ethnic minorities of Guizhou are famous for their silverworks. They believe that silver is a symbol of purity and luck. They could change silver into jewelry, medallions, ornate headdresses, and simple equipment. The silverworks are coated with beautiful layouts that happen to be meant to convey good luck into the owner. The funds of Guizhou, Guiyang is a superb place to buy minority silver goods.


The lusheng can be a musical instrument exceptional on the Dong and Miao ethnic minority teams. The instrument is really a reeded organ created completely of bamboo. Its unique audio is energetic, and number of who hear it and see it performed fail to generally be enchanted by it.

Yuping Flute

The Yuping Flute originated in Yuping Dong Autonomous County of Guizhou. The flute contains a heritage of a lot more than 300 years. Customarily the flute is decorated with gorgeous landscapes and depictions of animals. The flute was so revered, that it had been given as tribute on the emperor in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

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