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Picking Different Banner Stand Products

Banner stands are most usually associated with trade shows as well as other corporate sales events, nevertheless they may be considerably extra versatile and have applications for retail establishments and restaurants as well. To superior have an understanding of the prospective applications it is important to know the unique possibilities of banner stands readily available.

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Fundamental Stands

These are essentially the most economical banner stands as they are the most very simple when it comes to construction. Typically referred to as X or L stands (the X & L refer to the shape of the banner support) these work by inserting the banner into a channel system at the top and bottom of the support. Since the banner graphic is separate from the stand, they may be very versatile and are normally used in retail and restaurant environments to highlight sales, specials and promotions. The lighter design of the model makes placement an vital consideration.



This is a one piece banner system so it is one of one of the most convenient banners to put up and take down. The graphic is housed in a base compartment and rolls out like a projector screen. The banner attaches to a top arm on an extendable metal pole. This banner system is very stable as there is good heft in the base so it works properly in high-traffic areas where it may get jostled a bit. This banner is typically used at the entrance of retail locations to draw in traffic.

Interchangeable Cartridge

This type of banner system overcomes one of the issues with retractable systems; namely the inability to change the graphic. This type of banner stand uses the same base system as a retractable, but allows one to interchange the graphic depending on the need. This makes the stand significantly far more versatile. The cartridge only takes moments to change so many restaurants use them to promote daily menu items and specials.


This system allows the banner graphic to be viewed from either side. For areas that have two-way traffic, such as a pavement or passageway, these systems provide high visibility and no wasted space. The graphic can be the same on both sides or each can be customized.

Linked Stands

This type of banner system allows the use of multiple stands to provide almost unlimited length to the banner. The panel can be straight or gracefully curve and is ideal for use as a backdrop. Although it uses multiple stands, the banner itself is seamless so the graphics look great.

Video Stands

To add a more dynamic element to a banner, this system incorporates a space for a video monitor to complement the banner graphic. The monitor can be used to play video or support a computer feed for a presentation or slide show.

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Banner stands are a real attention getter and can communicate a message at a glance. There are literally hundreds of applications for banner stands for retail stores, restaurants and corporations. Check online for much more applications and ideas and start building business with banner stands.


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